Hey! You've found your way to my bio page, so I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. 

To date, I have published two records. The first, "Moving On," was strongly influenced by my time in New York's West Village. Fresh off an emotional roller coaster of a break-up, I spent my nights ambling from one open mic to the next, coping through music and cutting my teeth in some of the very clubs where my idols did the same. The second, "Until the Last Light Fades," forgoes the folk-stylings of the previous EP and is instead a rough and tumble exploration of the rock and blues I've always held close to heart. Recorded at Brick Hill Studios in Orleans, Ma with good friends Jon Evans and Brad Conant, the full length album is the product of several years of amassed songs whittled down to eleven, and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours thinking through every single detail for maximum impact. To say that I am proud of what we have created would be an understatement -- I know I'm biased (I mean we made the darn thing), but it's good. And you should go listen to it. Like, now... (www.schuylergrantmusic.bandcamp.com)

Thanks for your indulgence and support, see you somewhere.


Oysterfest | Wellfleet, MA 2019